NORTH LONDON FOOTBALL                         ACADEMY


North London Football Academy was formed in 2006 by Ahmet Toygun in Clissold park, Hackney. Ahmet Toygun only 19 years of age, he vastly developed the team into a U16 age group, He continued increasing the number of teams every year, and now successfully has a structured academy in place.


Our mission statement is to develop players into elite, enhance strong characteristics as a athlete and as a human! Respect and Discipline is KEY!

We currently have age groups from U6 to U18, have over 60 active registered members and 10 coaching staff.  ​We are based in two different venues, Mabley Green 4G Astro and Stoke Newington School 3G Astro. 

Since 2006, we successfully got over 30 young players into professional football clubs, as trialist and academy signed players in UK and Turkey. 

We are very known in attending international football tours to Turkey, France, Holland and UK Tours. 

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